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How to Protect Your Crypto Wallet from Hackers: 5 Tips

Due to the development in technology, you can now digitalize money and transactions in the easiest way, cryptocurrency. But digital assets are not secure and can be stolen by hackers.

Your crypto wallet can be hacked in various ways: phishing, the stealth of private keys, malware, and mobile applications. In this article, we will look into the guidelines and tips to protect your crypto wallet from being hacked by hackers.

Use Two-factor Authentication

If your crypto wallet has two-factor authentication, cyber criminals trying to log in to your account will also need access to your phone. With two-factor authentication users receive a code or email that they have to verify in order to log in to the crypto account.

However, if the hackers access your phone, they can easily pass through the two-factor authentication process. You can use applications like Google authenticator that don’t synchronize your data with any other device.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

We constantly have access to public Wi-Fi in schools, offices, and restaurants. Crypto never stops, and hackers know it. When we connect our phones to public Wi-Fi, our computers and phones become extremely vulnerable to hacking and malware.

It gets easy for hackers to log in to our wallets and accounts, which is extremely risky. Therefore, you should turn off the Wi-Fi while going to public places so your device doesn’t get connected to open Wi-Fi.

Distribute Cryptocurrency into Multiple Wallets

Remember the rule, don’t put your eggs in one basket? The same goes for cryptocurrency. Distribute your assets into multiple wallets. In this case, even if your money gets stolen from one wallet, you will have other secured wallets. If you don’t want to use multiple wallets, choose the one with the high level of security, such as Crypterium. You don’t have to purchase cold wallets as they are expensive.

Delete the Remote-Access Software

Remote-access software, including Zoom and TeamViewer, is a risk to the security of devices. Having such applications can overcome security measures, including two-factor authentication. They make the operating system vulnerable as any person can get complete access to your phone or a computer with mere clicks. If you have remote-access software downloaded on your devices where you control your crypto account, delete them right away.

Beware When You Download

You must stay aware of downloading unnecessary and unauthorized files on your devices. Some files have malware attached to them. Such viruses can have reading keystrokes that help the hackers access your passwords and even control your phone screen.

Therefore, don’t download any files without thoroughly searching about their importance in cryptocurrency. Many hackers spread such malware-containing files on different social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

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